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Seychelles Tourist Board opens new office in South Africa

Seychelles Tourist Board opens new office in South Africa Seychelles is the leading tourism destination in the Indian Ocean

The beauty of the Seychelles is rooting itself in South Africa with the opening of an office in Johannesburg.

The decision taken by the Seychelles Tourism Board to open an office in the industrial city of South Africa is to maintain a Seychelles tourism presence in the heart of the country.

The STB believes this will further boost the confidence of the travel trade in selling Seychelles and a show of commitment by the STB in the market place.

The STB is also investing for the future, with the aim of consolidating Seychelles market share in South Africa and Africa in general.

This is a market where competition is stiff, but possesses significant growth opportunity for Seychelles, and a move to stimulate demand will further drive arrivals from South Africa.

David Germain, the STB director for Africa and the Americas explained: “This is a positive move, to further strengthen the existing relationship with the South African trade partners selling Seychelles in South Africa a support mechanism and building on the momentum of continued growth obtained for Seychelles from the South African market.

“We have every reason to believe that this office will contribute positively towards increased sales for Seychelles to a greater extent in South Africa.”