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Seychelles tourism get their Ambassadors up to date with news

Seychelles tourism get their Ambassadors up to date with news

The Seychelles Tourism Board has wasted no time in 2012 to get their Tourism Ambassadors positioned in the four corners of the world updated on the latest developments in their native country and about what other members of this unique grouping were doing.

From the USA, the efforts of Leonie Naylor promoting fishing, to Alex Pindilli in Italy pushing Seychelles through his very successful modeling agency, and Jimmy Butt of Zambia and Dorothy Furneau of Italy echoing their support for the Miss Seychelles Pageant 2012, and Popsy D’Souza-Getonga of Kenya pushing twin center holidays in the USA for a Kenya Safari and a Seychelles Beach dream holiday, all these individual efforts by Seychellois for their Seychelles from their new lives in the four corners of the world are working hard to promote their beloved country.

Alain St.Ange, CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board, said when their Tourism Ambassadors program was being launched that you can take a Seychellois from Seychelles, but you can never take Seychelles from the Seychellois. “It is exactly that spirit that motivates so many of our people to work tirelessly for our country we all love so much,” Alain St.Ange said.

Seychelles is but a small country and remains unable to position tourism representatives in the different cities across the whole wide world, but through their Tourism Ambassadors program they have been able to have a Seychellois born and raised representative in well over thirty countries.