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Seychelles Tourism Board stands behind the colorful La Digue feast

Seychelles Tourism Board stands behind the colorful La Digue feast

The event draws people from all over Seychelles, especially those originating from that particular island, for a very special “homecoming.”

Tourists also flock to La Digue for the traditional open-air mass, which is followed by a range of colorful activities and celebrations all over the island. The activities are usually spread over a few days and last well into the night, as the whole island comes together to play host to their visitors.

The celebrations on the big day of August 15 usually starts with the alfresco mass at “La Grotto” attended by the Bishop of Seychelles. Traditionally, this grand gathering of worshippers becomes a procession through the lanes of La Digue to the picturesque St. Mary’s Church.

The Seychelles Tourism Board is ensuring that more tourists now are aware of the event, through the promotional flyer, so that they can partake in the activities and get to appreciate this very folkloric event of Seychelles.

The Tourism Board has been a partner of the festival’s organizing committee for the second year now and says the “La Digue feast” gives visitors to the country a chance to not only celebrate a significant moment in the religious calendar of the islands, but also to taste the unique way of life on one of Seychelles’ most traditional islands.


“La Digue’s celebration of August 15 has always been a special event that attracts people from all across the archipelago like a magnet. We believe such an event should be promoted and tourists to our country be encouraged to experience and appreciate it,” said the Chief Executive of the Tourism Board, Alain St.Ange.