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Seychelles Tourism Academy management students start degree at Shannon College

Seychelles Tourism Academy management students start degree at Shannon College

These students will be at Shannon College, which has just celebrated 60 successful years in the industry, and the Seychelles Tourism Academy is proud to be working with them to undertake their Bachelors degree in Hospitality Management.

The ADHM course was introduced in Seychelles three years ago by the Seychelles Tourism Academy with the assistance of Shannon College of Hotel Management, a leading institution in the Republic of Ireland. The Seychelles Tourism Academy launched the hospitality management course by way of an advanced diploma in hospitality management in order to provide students with a firm academic and practical foundation and the confidence required for a career in the industry. It has been selective in its recruitment process and has received the assistance of trade in choosing promising students from the outset and in particular those it believes are likely to stay the course and follow a career in the industry.

Already commended for their performance, the thirteen students carry the hopes of Seychelles with them as they start out on their respective career paths towards becoming the general managers of tomorrow, said Flavien Joubert, the Principal of the Seychelles Tourism Academy. “Upon their return to Seychelles, they will take up positions with a number of leading hotels where they have already signed contracts,” he said.

It is to be noted that the Seychelles Tourism Academy will shortly undergo a multimillion-dollar development plan after which the academy will operate a Hotel D’Application, teaching students theory, while at the same time engaging in the practical necessary to provide on-the-job training and echoing the academy’s motto of “Learning through experience.”