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Seychelles seeing committed businesses and individuals still coming out for island’s carnival

Seychelles seeing committed businesses and individuals still coming out for island’s carnival

The committed business community of Seychelles are still working alongside many private individuals to come forward to extend financial support to the 2010 Seychelles “Carnaval International de Victoria.”

“It has been so good to see tourism industry players come forward with financial contributions and say that they want the event to succeed because the end result of more visibility for Seychelles will benefit not only the country as a whole, but the tourism related businesses in the first plac,” Alain St.Ange, the CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board said at the occasion when a local business was presenting his financial support.

Seychelles is a country so dependent on its tourism industry, which remains also the pillar of the country’s economy. “Everyone in the country has a duty to protect and to defend the islands tourism industry. To have something to protect and to defend, we need to have an industry that has been consolidated and that is working. This is why the Seychelles Tourism Board has put so much effort to increase visibility for the islands and is now going even further by entering the world of carnivals,” said Alain St.Ange.

This week saw even an operator of a day care center come forward to bring their financial support. The Seychelles Tourism Board described this donation towards the 2011 Seychelles carnival as “touching and refreshing.” The benevolent sponsor were the owners of the Count and Read Day Care, Holbert and Charline Jean. When accepting the sponsorship check, the Chief Executive Officer of the Tourism Board, Alain St.Ange, said he was extremely touched by the gesture.

“It is so nice and touching that a couple like you would come forward and personally donate towards the carnival. You are indeed an example to others, and I want to take my hat off to you for showing that you not only care, but that you want this Seychelles event to be successful,” he said.


The Seychelles Tourism Board has said that the carnival is going to be different from what people are used to seeing in Seychelles in terms of attractions in Victoria, and the Count and Read Day Care will join the group of “proud sponsors of the ‘Carnaval International de Victoria.’”

Mrs. Jean on her part said they were also happy to join the bandwagon of people coming forward to show their support towards the carnival. It has been a call after all, she noted, for everyone to unite behind this event to make it a success. She said she and her family like the carnival theme song “Carnaval de Carnaval” by Patrick Victor and sometimes they hear children at the day care humming the tune or singing the lyrics.

“We are amongst the many people who are looking forward to the carnival, as do many children at our day care. It’s going to be an attraction for all families, especially children, and the more reason for us to support it,” she said. This week, financial contributions were also received from SCAA (Civil Aviation Authority), Seychelles Breweries, and local business personality Jeanine Chung Faye.