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Seychelles putting final touches on 27th edition of its Festival Kreol

Seychelles putting final touches on 27th edition of its Festival Kreol

The 27th edition of Seychelles’ “Festival Kreol” is picking up momentum. For this edition, the revamped Festival will attract massive press coverage. Journalists representing both print and audiovisual media houses from more than ten countries in the region, and in Europe will converge on the Seychelles islands for new scoops and coverage of the “Festival Kreol.”

Participating countries from the Creole-speaking world: Rodrigues, Mauritius, and Reunion will join with Seychelles and its inner islands of Praslin and La Digue to showcase their strong diversities. Mexico, a country in Central America with no historical ties to Creole-speaking countries, will this year be boarding the Creole Village erected in Victoria, the Creole capital of the world. This Creole village, constituting the main attraction of 2012 edition of Festival Kreol, promises to perfume the Creole capital of the world with the scent of Creole cuisine.

The fusion of sounds from the Indian Ocean: Moutya, Sega, Maloya, and that of the folk music of Mexico, will echo in the town center beyond the Creole culture roots.

Minister Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister of Tourism&Culture, who was responsible to lead the organization of the Seychelles “Carnival International de Victoria” on behalf of Seychelles President James Michel, who then held the portfolio for tourism, has this year led his Culture Department team in revamping the Festival Kreol to increase its visibility and to merge its culture with tourism marketing.

Partners of the festival were also invited to take ownership of the festival, and their contributions have been numerous. Faithful partners coming forward to contribute to the festival triggered massive publicity for Festival Kreol. The online media machinery is launched: it is the name Seychelles that is put to the fore with the Festival. Press from different corners of the world are now already picking up the event.


In Seychelles, the Organizing Committee of Festival Kreol is putting on final touches to dress up the town with colorful banners and posters. Only three more weeks to go before the official opening of the Festival on October 26, and Seychelles is more than ready to give the world a memorable Festival Kreol 2012.