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Seychelles participates in Francophone games

Seychelles participates in Francophone games

Seychelles will be participating in the 7th Francophone Games to be held in the city of Nice, France, in September 2013. The Games, held every 4 years since 1989, will next year provide a platform for 3,000 youths from 5 francophone continents to compete and display their abilities in a variety of sporting and cultural events.

The national pre-selection of the Seychellois candidates to the games is completed, and the ranking of the chosen candidates selected by the Francophonie international juries will be held between October 12-16 of this year.

Seychelles has proposed its participation in 5 cultural disciplines notably song, painting, photography, literature, and hip hop.

Since the objective of the Francophone games is to both contribute to the development of sport in Francophone countries and to promote the emergence of young artistic talent, sporting events will, as in past editions, take place alongside art competitions and various activities linked to environmental protection.

For Seychelles, participating in the event provides an opportunity to reaffirm its commitment to la Francophonie, an open and supportive community of people comprising of 56 member and 19 observer countries.