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Seychelles Leisure and Business Guide 2012 launched

Seychelles Leisure and Business Guide 2012 launched

Daniella Payet-Alis and her son, Laurent Alis, Publication Directors of the Seychelles Leisure & Business Guide, have taken the opportunity of the French tourism trade fair, TOP RESA 2011, to launch their 2012 edition of the guide.

The wildly-respected and very comprehensive Leisure & Business Guide has just seen its 5th Edition launched in Paris. In their introduction, Daniella and Laurent said: “In this fifth edition, our aim is still to continue to introduce people and promote our magnificent islands in strategic marketplaces all around the globe. Making ourselves accessible and noticeable remains our primary focus for marketing our destination and businesses as a whole.”

The Seychelles Leisure & Business Guide is used as a promotional tool by the Seychelles Tourism Board Offices right across the world. The guide is also distributed free of charge at every tourism trade fair where the Seychelles has a stand.

Alain St.Ange, CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board, wrote the foreword to the guide’s 2012 edition.

Mr. St. Ange wrote: “It gives me great pleasure to be able to contribute to the 5th edition of the Seychelles’ Leisure&Business Guide. which with every edition, is becoming a more valuable promotional tool for our islands.


“Seychelles tourism continues to grow from strength to strength as we enter the phase of the industry’s need for visibility after having spent a considerable amount of time concentrating on creating the appropriate structures. We would all like to believe that potential visitors all know where the Seychelles is located and what it represents as a tourism destination, but this is sadly untrue. While the name ‘Seychelles’ may conjure up exotic images, that does not mean that the people necessarily know exactly where the islands are, or of the extraordinary diversity they offer to visitors. This, then, is our task: to create awareness however and wherever we can and take every opportunity to raise the profile of our islands by utilizing the international media to the full and by embracing new initiatives such as ‘Friends of Seychelles–Press’ and the ‘Seychelles Tourism Ambassadors,’ to ensure that the name of Seychelles is carried far and wide.

“This is where the Seychelles Leisure & Business Guide plays such an important role in informing the world about who we are, where we are, and what we represent as a tourism destination that sets us head and shoulders above the competition.”