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Seychelles has a new High Commissioner in South Africa

Seychelles has a new High Commissioner in South Africa

Seychelles’ new Resident High Commissioner to the Republic of South Africa, Mr. Claude Morel, has presented his credentials to President Jacob Zuma in an Accreditation Ceremony held earlier this month.

During the ceremony, President Zuma addressed the High Commissioners and Ambassadors gathered and pledged the commitment of South Africa to “constantly focus our energies on engagements that seek to promote issues of common interest and mutual benefit.”

He added, with regards to the bilateral relations with Seychelles, that South Africa “will continue to work together on all matters that affect our region as we do in trying to find a peaceful solution to the Malagasy situation and all other matters affecting SADC.”

High Commissioner Morel also presented his credential as Seychelles’ Permanent Representative to COMESA to the Secretary General Sindiso Ngwenya in a ceremony held in Lusaka, Zambia.

During the ceremony, the High Commissioner reiterated Seychelles’ commitment to working with the organization and supporting the process of regional integration. In addition, he also thanked the Secretary General for COMESA’s support of Seychelles’ fight against piracy in the region.


The High Commissioner also called on the Secretary General to support initiatives to establish a Maritime Corridor in the region in an effort to boost trade, as well as to support other issues of national importance for small island states like Seychelles, such as climate change.

High Commissioner Claude Morel took up his post in the Seychelles Embassy in Pretoria in September this year.