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Seychelles and La Reunion sign partnership agreement

Seychelles and La Reunion sign partnership agreement

Mr. Didier Robert, who personally holds the portfolio for tourism in La Reunion Island, was accompanied at the signing ceremony, which took place at Top Resa in Paris, by Mr. Pascal Viroleau, the Head of the IRT of La Reunion. Mr. Alain St.Ange was on his side accompanied by Mrs. Bernadette Willemin, the Seychelles Tourism Director for Europe.

The partnership agreement between La Reunion Island and the Seychelles speaks of the continued promotion of the two islands for the “Vanilla Islands” concept and of how the two islands complement each other.

The 6-point agreement covers the exchange of know how, the development of joint marketing initiatives, and actions among others. The agreement also provides for regular meetings to monitor the implementation of the partnership.

At the signing ceremony at the Seychelles stand at Top Resa in Paris, in the presence of a large number of press, Mr. Didier Robert spoke about how the two islands, La Reunion and the Seychelles, complement each other as a twin-center option for holiday makers. He also spoke about the closeness of the population of La Reunion and that of the Seychelles. When he addressed the signing ceremony, Mr. Alain St.Ange also spoke about the concept of twin centers between La Reunion and the Seychelles, saying that the “Swiss-like mountains” of La Reunion and the white sandy beaches and the blue turquoise seas of the Seychelles remains an attractive combination for the tourism industry.

“Like La Reunion where Mr. Didier Robert, the President de la Region, personally holds the tourism portfolio, in Seychelles it is also Mr. James Michel, the President of the Republic, who also holds the tourism portfolio, giving tourism the highest possible recognition and showing clearly the importance of this industry for the two islands,” said Mr. St.Ange to the press after the signing ceremony.