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Seychelles and La Reunion meet to finalize Carnival 2012

Seychelles and La Reunion meet to finalize Carnival 2012

Alain St.Ange, the CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB), and Pascal Viroleau of the Ile de La Reunion Tourisme (IRT), held meetings in La Reunion with delegations from La Region government of La Reunion headed by Mr. Jean-Francois Sita, the Vice President of La Reunion, at their Saint Denis offices.

Also present with Mr. Sita were Mr. Bernard Salva, the Director General for Regional Cooperation, and Mr. Patrice Bertil, La Reunion’s Director for Cultural&Sporting Affairs.

The meeting was to plan the arrival of the La Reunion delegation to the 2012 Carnival in Seychelles, which is this year being jointly hosted by Seychelles and La Reunion. The delegation from La Region had been mandated to look at the benefits for La Reunion for their financial contribution being made to Seychelles, and it was up to Alain St.Ange, on a working mission to La Reunion, to provide answers to questions raised.

It has now been confirmed that Mr. Didier Robert, President de la Region, that La Reunion will personally head the La Reunion delegation to Seychelles for the carnival which he is co-hosting with Mr. James Michel, the President of the Seychelles. The La Reunion President will be accompanied by his Vice President Mr. Jean-Francois Sita; Mrs. Jacqueline Farreyol, the President of Ile de La Reunion Tourisme (IRT); and its Director, Mr. Pascal Viroleau; and a delegation of one hundred Reunnionais made up of the island’s youth, musicians, cultural representatives, etc. who will be in the carnival procession on March 4.

Musicians from La Reunion will also be performing at the Official Opening Ceremony and the Grand Musical Show of the 2012 Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands Carnival in Seychelles alongside Seychellois artists and those from the Community of Nations.


Following the meeting at La Region in Saint Denis, Alain St.Ange, the CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board, and Pascal Viroleau, the Director of La Reunion Tourism, met with the La Reunion press. Alain St.Ange took the opportunity to explain the joint marketing approach being taken by Seychelles and La Reunion to promote the Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands and their joint effort in organizing the 2012 “Carnaval International de Victoria” in Seychelles.

“Both islands will benefit from this great PR coup. We have a large delegation of press descending on Seychelles to cover the event, and La Reunion and the Seychelles are both handling them as co-hosts. We are committed in making our region strong and known,” said Alain St.Ange.