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Seychelles and La Reunion island tourism hold successful joint press conference

Seychelles and La Reunion island tourism hold successful joint press conference

Alain St.Ange, CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board, and Jacqueline Farreyrol, the President of the Ile de La Reunion Tourism, were joined at the press conference by Mr. Didier Robert, President of the La Reunion Region; Minister Joel Morgan, the Seychelles Minister for the Environment, Transport, and Internal Affairs; and Pascal Viroleau, the Head of La Reunion Tourism.

Addressing the gathered press, both Alain St.Ange from the Seychelles and Jacqueline Farreyrol from La Reunion expressed their satisfaction that the two Indian Ocean islands, forming part of the Vanilla Islands group were entering a new phase of cooperation, which will see Seychelles promoting La Reunion in twin-center packages and La Reunion Tourism doing the same for Seychelles.

Alain St.Ange said that with Mr. James Michel, the Seychelles President, and with Mr. Didier Robert, the La Reunion President of the region, both holding the tourism portfolio, it was clear that the political will was today existing to see closer cooperation between the two islands. Mr. Didier Robert, it must be noted, personally led a delegation from La Reunion Tourism to participate at the Seychelles tourism annual marketing conference, which also saw the personal involvement of the island’s President James Michel.

Mr. Didier Robert, the President of the La Reunion region, also joined Minister Joel Morgan of the Seychelles to congratulate the tourism team of Seychelles and La Reunion to have mapped out this new avenue of cooperation, which will benefit both islands and the people of the two islands.

The La Reunion press was then invited to ask questions, which was replied to by the different members of the panel from both Seychelles and La Reunion.