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SeaLife Seychelles remains a plus to the island’s tourism industry

SeaLife Seychelles remains a plus to the island’s tourism industry

The 2nd edition of SeaLife Seychelles magazine has been published, and it coincided with the South East Monsoon Sailfish Tournament of 2012. This edition of the magazine is 40 pages, and it contains interesting stories and colorful photos of fish, the sea, and anglers. “This magazine is a real plus to our tourism industry. It brings out information on one of the unique selling points of our country – the sea and all about the good fishing in Seychelles,” said Minister Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture.

The main article that occupies the center pages of this issue is “Fishing of Desroches Island” and it brings out the pleasures of fishing in the Seychelles. The Amirantes group of islands that encompasses Desroches remains one of the best fishing grounds in the world and was little known until a decade ago. This article brings out fishing at Desroches island.

The education angle for users of the ocean and to protect marine resources comes out through the different articles. Contributions by Joel Nageon, a Seychelles fisheries biologist, reminds everyone of the extent to which artisanal demersal fishery is under threat and the reasons for this statement. The contribution by Mr. Nageon is relevant in the context of the current debate on a fisheries bill, which is also extensively covered in the same issue.

The major fishing tournaments, which have been held since last December, are all covered, and one of the skippers who partakes in all of these tournaments, Christian De Charmoy Lablache gives an interesting insight into the making of a charter boat skipper, in an exclusive interview with SeaLife Seychelles.

SeaLife Seychelles also takes its readers inside a gem of a diving operation, the Big Blue Divers, and it shares with the reader a fascinating story of how the owners, Guilly and Elizabeth Fideria, defied all the odds to make their business succeed.


The magazine takes a look at the book, “Beyond The Reefs” by William Travis, which was published in 1959. This concise summary of the adventures of Travis and Co. is by Arnold Chetty.

La Gigolette restaurant at L’ Archipel Hotel on Praslin gets a review as a fine seafood restaurant in this edition of the SeaLife Seychelles magazine.

SeaLife Seychelles also welcomed on board Henry Riggs-Miller as a regular contributor to the magazine. In this issue Henry presents the bold case for why sports fishing can be a far better proposition for economies like Seychelles and draws from experience in other parts of the world to put his case forward.

The promoters of the magazine have done an excellent job and delivered on their promises. This issue reminds us that there are tons of good stories on the Seychelles marine resources, and the tourism trade in Seychelles is thankful that finally the islands have a publication which will bring these out on a regular basis.