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SA journalist Masechaba Lekalake addresses Seychelles Forum

SA journalist Masechaba Lekalake addresses Seychelles Forum

The forum, which was held to showcase investment opportunities in Seychelles, saw guest speakers from various sectors of the Seychelles economy address an audience of over 100 potential investors before engaging them in plenary sessions and one-on-one meetings.

Mr. St.Ange took the podium to highlight investment opportunities in the tourism sector and, as part of his address, called upon Masechaba Lekalake to talk about her experiences of visiting Seychelles.

Masechaba Lekalake came to Seychelles initially to interview Seychelles President James Michel and Minister of Foreign Affairs Jean-Paul Adam and also to attend the first edition of the Seychelles Regatta. She then returned to the Seychelles for a private holiday and again to cover the 2011 Seychelles “Carnaval International de Victoria” last March. The striking Masechaba Lekalake delivered an eloquent and moving account of her stay on the islands that earned her an ovation.

“The endorsement of such a personality, particularly a known and popular South African, provides a valuable perspective to a South African audience as to what Seychelles has to offer,” explained Alain St.Ange.

“As a journalist, I was after a story that would make news. Bad news makes news. But in Seychelles it was only good news and as much as we dug the more positive news we gathered in this land that is really a great country with a very diverse population they also call the rainbow people,” said Masechaba Lekalake of SABC TV.