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Rixos to welcome Land of Legends to Antalya, Turkey

The Land of Legends, operating under the banner of Rixos World Parks & Entertainment, a joint venture of Rixos Hotels, promises an unprecedented experience.

With Rixos’ quintessential hospitality, and the expertise of Dragone Productions, a creative name for show business, the extravaganza will open its gates in summer 2016.

Pioneering a brand new concept, the largest lifestyle and entertainment park of Turkey is located in Belek, Antalya.

The partnership between Rixos and Dragone has as a first objective to re-think and build a “never seen before” theme park in Belek.

A brand new concept inspired by multisensory sensations, will offer visitors from around the world a chance to discover and live an unforgettable experience for all the family.

The Land of Legends theme park will feature original and purpose created, concepts, themes, design, and characters by Franco Dragone - known as a mastermind in the entertainment world.

A special conceptual five-star hotel for families and children will propose luxurious rooms and suites equipped with modern amenities and PlayStation consoles, five restaurants, and a world-class spa.

A fantastic and unique marine-themed “Aqua World” will propose over 70 rides and slides, underwater safaris, close up encounters with penguins, dolphins and different varieties of marine life.

An amazing underwater restaurant will complete the park and last but not least a wonderful beach area as well.

Retail will be present through a massive shopping avenue housing a selection of brands, luxury plaza and galleria with stores and dining outlets as well as a mystery castle and a special village park with exciting activities for the kids.

The Land of Legends Theme Park is truly the home of Legends Lake, The Enchanted Forest, Adventure Mountain and Oceans Encounter.

For more than 20 years, Franco Dragone has developed his unique universe – one built on a subtle mix of imagination, fantasy, poetry, dreams and a deep understanding of humankind.

His shows, from Las Vegas to Macau, and Paris to Wuhan (China), but also the Middle-East and quite recently Russia, have been seen and appreciated by more than 100 million enthusiastic spectators.

As a unique concept that seamlessly blends all aspects of a very special vacation, The Land of Legends Theme Park by Rixos World Parks & Entertainment will cater to every traveller, offering an exceptional moment and enchanting journey full of luxury, lifestyle and entertainment experiences.

More Information

Established in 2000, Rixos Hotels is a fast-growing luxury chain of hotels of the world.

Intending to provide traditional Turkish hospitality to the guests in an excellent manner, the Antalya-based Group consists of 27 hotels in countries included without limitation Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Croatia, Switzerland, Egypt and Kazakhstan.

It promises to be an exciting year for Antalya, with the World Travel Awards also visiting the leading destination in August for its annual Europe Gala Ceremony.