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Ritz-Carlton adds Flipboard to social media portfolio

Ritz-Carlton adds Flipboard to social media portfolio

Expanding its social media portfolio, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, has added the popular social magazine, Flipboard.

The Ritz-Carlton debuts its page with 12 individual magazines covering inspirational global travel content, articles about the awe-inspiring properties within the portfolio and is one of the first luxury brands to offer readership in five languages.

Flipboard is a content-sharing platform providing users with a single place for collecting content on topics they care about from the world’s most trusted sources.

Flipboard users can follow their favourite sites from around the world and then gather stories, images, and videos into their own Flipboard magazines – sharing items that reflect their interests, express their perspectives, or simply to read later.

Flipboard currently has over 90 million active users across 180 countries with continued international expansion.


The digital publications will allow domestic and international news from The Ritz-Carlton to be accumulated into one location for enthusiasts of the luxury brand.

“With the surplus of digital platforms on the rise, users are looking for a space that is personalized, simplified, organized, and aesthetically pleasing, said Ed French, chief sales and marketing officer for The Ritz-Carlton.

“We are thrilled to present our new digital publication with the popular content-sharing platform Flipboard, to continue inspiring and exciting all generations of traveller through our crafted magazines.”

The Ritz-Carlton Flipboard will collect and convey news from across the brand’s global portfolio of destinations, including reviews of locations, cultural experiences, newsworthy articles, wedding stories and culinary features, in addition to thought-leadership pieces from company executives.

Also featured will be co-sponsored magazines with key influencers to help tell the story of travel with The Ritz-Carlton. 

All content will be accessible on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop, and available in English, Mandarin, Japanese, Arabic and German languages.

Travel influencer Trey Ratcliff, a world-famous photographer, artist, writer and adventurer whose photos have been viewed more than 130 billion times, is one of the personalities that will be featured on the brands Flipboard.

His images and stories capture the unexpected and beautiful and align beautifully with The Ritz-Carlton vision to inspire travel and to capture memories that last a lifetime.

According to Paul Katz, head of brand partnerships at Flipboard, “Brands have become storytellers allowing them to connect with an audience in an authentic way.

“We welcome The Ritz-Carlton as a curator and brand publisher on our platform as a way to amplify the company’s goals of helping consumers find their passion through providing true service via a content narrative.”