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Questions raised over England quarantine-free travel list

Questions raised over England quarantine-free travel list

New research has revealed the new quarantine-free travel regulations published by the government on Friday might not be everything they seem.

Following an examination by the PC Agency, it appears only a handful of countries might be easily accessible to English visitors.

The agency discovered that just 25 of those named are currently viable holiday options.

These are countries that will not force English visitors to quarantine for 14-days on arrival and do not have any border controls that stop English visitors entering.

This is considerably fewer than the list of 67 countries published by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office.


The department for transport published a list of 59 countries plus, 14 British Overseas Territories and Ireland, which part of the Common Travel Area.

“The rest of the countries on the lists are either closed to international flights, or impossible to enter without either quarantine of some kind or major testing procedures,” said the PC Agency in a statement.