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Queensland Rail: Get a grip: hold the handrail

Queensland Rail: Get a grip: hold the handrail

Queensland Rail is urging customers to ‘get a grip’ and grab a handrail, with 2011 figures showing 126 customers and 53 employees were injured on station stairs that year. Minister for Transport and Main Roads Scott Emerson said many of these incidents were preventable and holding the handrail was a simple measure to prevent slip, trips and falls.

“This is a simple suggestion and one of the easiest things you can do to save yourself from injury,” Mr Emerson said.

“The reality is, more than 50 Australians each year are killed from falling down stairs.
“Some people say they don’t need to hold the handrail because they are used to walking up and down stairs, however the statistics show there is still a real risk. “179 people injured themselves falling down station stairs in Queensland last year. “This is up 50 from 2010 where 109 customers and 20 employees were injured from falls.”

Acting CEO Jim Benstead said injuries can range from strains and sprains, broken bones and dislocated joints, right through to head injuries and seizures.

“Falls aren’t limited to people racing for trains at lower frequency stations. High frequency stations, such as BrisbaneCity stations, still record injuries from people rushing down the stairs,” MrBenstead said.


“Safety is Queensland Rail’s number one priority, and we have a longstanding policy for employees to hold the handrail on stairs.
“We want to encourage customers and the wider community to take responsibility for their safety, by paying attention to their actions.
“Many of these incidents can be prevented and can save you from a lot of pain. All we are asking is for people to get a grip, grab a handrail, and get home safe.”