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Queensland Rail completes roll out of wifi trains

Queensland Rail completes roll out of wifi trains

Queensland Rail customers are better connected than ever before with all 64 Wi-Fi enabled trains operating on the City network, months ahead of schedule. Last Friday Queensland Rail hit the milestone of 1,000,000 user logins since June last year with more than 5,600,000Mb of data downloaded using Queensland Rail’s free Wi-Fi service since last December.

To put that in perspective, customers downloaded the equivalent of more than 4,000,000 novels or around 56 kilometres of books on a shelf in around nine months.

Queensland Rail Chief Customer Officer Cathy Heffernan said free wireless internet technology has now been installed on 64 trains which make up a third of the fleet.

“Customers are making the most of this new technology, with user logins this month hitting more than 58,000 sessions per week,” Ms Heffernan said.

“Our figures show some interesting trends, with peak usage times from 7 to 8am and 5 to 6pm on weekdays, when more than 37,000 Mb are downloaded.


The rollout of wireless internet technology follows a successful 12 month trial and is an Australianfirst for rail travellers.

“These trains travel across the entire City network so any commuter could hop aboard a Wi-Fi train and take advantage of the free internet on their journey.

“As everyone’s lives continue to get busier and busier, this means they can stay in touch while on the Wi-Fi enabled trains, which have clear signage inside and outside the carriages.

“They can read or send emails, browse news websites, or simply check in with friends on Facebook or Twitter.”

Ms Heffernan said the feedback from customers has been very positive with many turning to social media to let Queensland Rail know they’re enjoying the free service.

“We are committed to customer service and this initiative is another way to help improve our customers’ overall experience while travelling with us,” she said.

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