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PlaNet Finance Group is the 12th unofficial civil society participant of Expo 2015

PlaNet Finance Group is the 12th unofficial civil society participant of Expo 2015

PlaNet Finance Group is the 12th Unofficial Civil Society Participant of Expo Milano 2015. PlaNet Finance Group is one of the leading global players of positive and responsible economy. For over 15 years it has taken steps to promote access to financial services for the poorest populations, improving their living conditions and integrating them within economic systems. The document was signed by the French economist, President and Founder of the Group, Jacques Attali, and the Commissioner for Expo Milano 2015, Giuseppe Sala.

As the initiator of the Movement for a positive economy, PlaNet Finance Group aims to promote an economy that orientates capitalism toward long-term challenges. Participation in Expo 2015, therefore, will be articulated through the question: “What kind of economy will feed the planet?”. PlaNet Finance Group is positioning itself as a promoter of an economy that restores the positive long-term view in all political and economic decisions. On this occasion, concrete proposals will be formulated to solve the problem of access to food for everyone.

“The Movement for a positive economy, launched by PlaNet Finance Group brings together those who think and act in the interests of future generations in all economic, policies or private decisions. Never before has the need been so urgent for today’s generations to take action to protect the quality of life of future generations. In addition, interdependence of generations is essential, since large sectors of the economy depend on future generations (multi-service, pensions, manufacturing, health, etc.).We need future generations. They are essential for the well-being of every individual. I am proud that the PlaNet Finance Group is participating at the Universal Exposition of Milan in 2015, which is a positive event serving future generations, for presenting innovative and sustainable solutions for the Planet and for creating a positive Society.” (Jacques Attali, President of Planet Finance).

“The participation of PlaNet Finance in Expo Milano 2015 opens the very first window on the theme ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life’. The Universal Exposition is not only a global platform for dialogue on food and nutrition: it is a table for discussion on how effectively to intervene to help the economic growth of Countries, especially the poorest segment of the population. For example, the development of microfinancing projects and the project of setting up a micro-venture capital company have been of great help in supporting small businesses. The kind of event that we are developing, which is open to all, will address this type of analysis, proposing ideas and initiatives that can improve the living conditions of the greatest number of people possible.” (Stefano Gatti, General Manager Participants Division, Expo 2015).