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High stakes and Hollywood stars at the voting ceremony in Paris for the 2030 World Expo host

In a high-profile showdown, Rome, Busan and Riyadh are the top contenders to become the host city of the 2030 World Expo, with the organizing body choosing the winner on Tuesday.

Delegations from the 182 member states of the Paris-based Bureau International des Expositions, or BIE, gathered in Issy-les-Moulineaux, a southwestern suburb of the French capital.

The meeting started with the candidates’ final presentation to be followed by the vote, which will be held behind closed doors. The result will be made public later Tuesday.


With the stakes high, each city has escalated its campaign efforts, showcasing unique visions and ambitious promises to secure the rights to the globally prestigious event.

Rome has enlisted actor Russell Crowe, who appeared in a promotional video echoing his “Gladiator” persona, to underscore the city’s readiness for the Expo.

The Rome campaign also hosted BIE delegates at Paris’ luxurious Plaza Athenee hotel. They were also treated to a Michelin-starred meal and gifts of extra virgin olive oil.

The head of the Italian bid, Giampiero Massolo, said Tuesday that Italy was fighting “for every single vote, with the goal of going to a runoff, in a head-to-head with Busan.”

Rome’s bid also includes plans for the world’s largest urban solar park and a green corridor connecting the Expo site to historic landmarks like the Appia Antica (Appian Way), one of the oldest and most important roads of the Roman Empire.

The South Korean port city of Busan has brought in cultural heavyweights like “Gangnam Style” rapper Psy and K-pop supergroup BTS to bolster its bid. The city is positioning itself for a high-tech Expo, emphasizing its capabilities in artificial intelligence and 6G technology with the aim of attracting millions of visitors and spurring job creation.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabian capital Riyadh has mounted a significant marketing campaign, featuring a “Riyadh 2030” exhibit near the Eiffel Tower and extensive advertising across Paris. The Saudi bid, seeking to diversify the kingdom’s economy and boost its international stature, has received support from French President Emmanuel Macron, as indicated in a July statement from the Elysee Palace.

World Cup 2034
Saudi Arabia has abandoned its ambition to jointly host the 2030 World Cup and is now seeking European support for staging the 2034 tournament alone.

The original ambition of co-hosting the World Cup with Egypt and Greece has now been effectively abandoned, The Times reports.

Officials and ministers from the Gulf Kingdom have already communicated with prominent figures in European football to secure support from the continent as a prelude to making an official offer to organise the 25th edition of the FIFA World Cup finals.

According to The Times, Saudi Arabian leaders are convinced of the country’s ability to host the 2034 World Cup in the summer, despite the high heat, by holding matches in specific, high altitude venues.

The World Expo has a storied history of bringing together nations to showcase technological innovations and cultural achievements. Since the inaugural event in 1851, Expos have been platforms for introducing groundbreaking inventions such as the light bulb, the Ferris wheel and the Eiffel Tower itself, which was built for the 1889 Exposition Universelle.

These events have evolved to not only be celebrations of human ingenuity, but also opportunities for host cities to catalyze economic growth and global recognition.

With the world’s attention turned to Paris, the upcoming vote will set the stage for the next chapter in the rich legacy of the World Expos. The next Expo is scheduled to be held in Osaka, Japan, in 2025.

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