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Pet Releaf Shares Insights as Pet Owners Prepare For Summer

Pet Releaf Shares Insights as Pet Owners Prepare For Summer

As millions of pet owners across the U.S. prepare for summer travel, Pet Releaf, the original and #1 selling pet CBD brand, is highlighting pet travel stats and tips to prepare for the season.
While summer is an exciting and relaxing time for many people, for pets it can be stressful. Whether a pet is traveling in a car, plane, or staying behind, the journey can be far from easy. The 2023-2024 APPA report addresses some of the latest insights into pet travel:

More dog owners than last year take their pet with them on road trips, increasing to 48%
On average, dogs took nearly 3 road trips in the car in the past year
19% of cat owners will take their cat with them in the car when traveling
Just 5% of dog owners who are traveling take their dog on the plane
Pet Releaf is thrilled to be a trusted part of families’ journeys, providing pets with relief from stress, joint discomfort, irritated skin, and more.

“We know that pets are beloved members of the family, and it’s so important to make sure they’re as comfortable as possible during summer travel and vacations,” said Co-Founder Chelsea Gennings.

Before hitting the road or booking flights, Pet Releaf recommends travelers research pet-friendly accommodations, airlines, and destinations. Plus, pet owners should visit their veterinarian to make sure traveling is the best option for their animal. Pet Releaf also urges pet owners to order CBD supplements before the summer rush, so they’re prepared for the stressors before they happen.

Uses for pet CBD this summer include:


Calming support for fireworks, thunder, travel, and car rides
Joint support for hiking, play time, and more
Support for skin health, heat irritation, and seasonal allergies
Pet Releaf is proud to provide quality, safe, and effective CBD products for pets. As pet parents gear up for the summer season, they can rest assured knowing that choosing Pet Releaf means providing their pets with the best care possible. With Pet Releaf, pets can stay cool, calm, and healthy as they navigate everything the season may bring.

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