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Passengers oppose in-flight Wi-Fi charges

Passengers oppose in-flight Wi-Fi charges

The latest survey from Holiday Extras confirms that airline passengers are not prepared to cough up any extra for a Wi-Fi service during their flight. A resounding 84% of the over four thousand travellers surveyed stated that they would rather go without than shell out more. 25% of these felt strongly that payment was inappropriate because internet access is fast becoming a human right.

Cost aside, 62% of those surveyed didn’t feel that Wi-Fi access would spoil their flight, with 27% of men and 23% of women feeling that they could make more productive use of flight time if Wi-Fi access came as standard.

Many were ambivalent about the effect of internet access on the plane, declaring that they would choose to ignore incoming emails while they tuck into their airline meal or enjoy an inflight movie. While 10% admitted that they would never be able to relax knowing that their inbox was just a click away.

Worries that people working all around would shatter the holiday atmosphere were shared by 28% of those surveyed.

James Lewis, Head of Partnerships for Holiday Extras commented: ”There is undoubtedly an appetite for internet connectivity on planes but price could be the stumbling block.”


“As with all things, if the service is really good then there will always be enthusiastic takers. So the service needs to be as speedy, or faster than people are used to at home.

“Of course, airlines need to be sure that the cost of providing Wi-Fi on board can be justified; there’s no doubt that it’s a necessity for business travellers, but most holidaymakers like to utilise the time before the flight and the flight itself to get into the holiday mood - making the most of their valuable leisure time.”