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Brits on holiday throw caution to the wind

Brits on holiday throw caution to the wind

Following the outbreak of violence on the island of Borneo a new poll from Holiday Extras recently asked customers whether they would be put off by an adverse piece of news coverage at their chosen holiday destination.

And the survey revealed that holidaymakers pay less attention to warnings about their safety than expected.
While the Foreign Office is advising travellers to stay away from Borneo, over a half of intrepid men said that trouble in the sun wouldn’t hinder their travel plans at all. Only 34 per cent of men said that a serious incident or crime would stop them from holidaying wherever they wanted.

Women were more cautious, with 51 per cent admitting that bad news about a country or resort would be enough to make them change their plans to visit that destination.

15 per cent of Holiday Extras customers declared that they would avoid a resort for a year if it were negatively reported in the news and 43 per cent said that they would avoid a destination for up to six months.

There would be no going back for 11 per cent of those polled, who said that they would never book a holiday at that place once it had been perceived as dangerous.


Andrea Clayton, Head of Insurance at Holiday Extras commented: “ The results of this poll show how positive British people feel about their travels in the world – and this is a really good thing.

“Keep in mind, wherever you go on holiday and however daring you intend to be that you should always follow advice from the Foreign Office.  Make sure that you have adequate travel insurance and don’t underestimate the cover that you may require wherever you go.