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Online check-in hasn’t changed Brits’ holiday customs

Online check-in hasn’t changed Brits’ holiday customs

While the internet has revolutionised the way people live, online flight check-in has failed to have an impact on Brits’ holiday habits, according to a new poll by Holiday Extras.

The research revealed that despite many passengers taking up the time-saving service, 55 per cent still leave for the airport with hours to spare.

Fear of hitting traffic or road-works, resulting in a missed flight, was one of the reasons given by Holiday Extras’ customers for allowing extra time for their journey to the airport, suggesting that checking in online will never fully transform the way people travel.

Online check-in has proved to be more useful for passengers who are taking shorter domestic trips. Around a quarter of those polled said that they use the web service when hold luggage isn’t required because they only need to allow time to clear security.

“Online check-in was designed by airlines to take the hassle out of flying and save money on staffing,” says James Lewis, Holiday Extras’ head of partnerships.


“People will always be worried about missing their flight. Holiday Extras’ customers are enjoying services like Meet and Greet chauffeur parking and airport hotels because they remove some of the stresses surrounding the logistics of a holiday, and are more affordable when booked in advance.”