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MSC Cruises puts sustainability at heart of new campaign

MSC Cruises puts sustainability at heart of new campaign

MSC Cruises has launched a new global brand campaign entitled ‘Discover the future of cruising,’ which will roll-out in more than 30 countries through a multi-channel global marketing campaign.

With this new campaign, MSC Cruises will show how sustainability is at the beating heart of its daily activities and long-term growth strategy.

The brand concept asks what does the future of cruising look like?

This question is the leitmotiv of the whole campaign.

The bold and distinctive creative concept is about MSC Cruises’ commitment to be the future of cruising, showcasing the environmental performance of its fleet with glimpses of life on board, in a warm, charming and engaging way.

The TV spot was filmed on board MSC Cruises’ first LNG-powered and most environmentally advanced ship to date, MSC World Europa, which came into service late last year.


While focusing on some of the unique environmental technologies and solutions of this new ship, the campaign also demonstrates the wider and long-standing sustainability commitment and progress across the brand’s fleet of 21 vessels and the broader Cruise Division of MSC Group.

It is also the first campaign in the industry that squarely focuses on a brand’s sustainability commitment and makes it central to its engagement with consumers, travel partners and other stakeholders from the broader society. 

“We have been investing heavily, for many years, in solutions and technologies that continuously and progressively reduce our environmental footprint.

“From 2017 to 2023, we invested more than eight billion euros in a more modern and efficient fleet with ten new vessels that have each been progressively more environmentally advanced than the last.

“The new brand campaign for MSC Cruises is a vital tool to explain to consumers and other stakeholders how our commitment to sustainability is articulated on our ships and across our business and showcases how central it is to everything that we do,” added Pierfrancesco Vago.

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