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Money saving tips for cheap flights to Australia

Money saving tips for cheap flights to Australia

Cheap flights to Australia are offered widely over the internet and through many marketing modes yet, many of us often end up buying expensive fares or fares that are “just affordable” but not as “cheap” as advertised.

Well Australia is a country of Geographical wonders and one of the richest cultures and enormously diverse landscapes. Like many its many comrades among developed countries, Australia is a cocktail of many nations, races and people from all around the world to whom it is a “home”. The heart of Australia is always full of magnificent, tourism attractions and welcoming gestures for all the people setting foot in the land of enigmatic beauty and adventures. The main international airports in big cities like Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide tackle a huge number of daily international flights from UK to Australia and are always swarming and teeming with passengers day and night , round the clock.

Cheap flights to Australia are offered widely over the internet and through many marketing modes yet, many of us often end up buying expensive fares or fares that are “just affordable” but not as “cheap” as advertised. Well, the definition of “Cheap Flights” varies from pocket to pocket but here we are discussing on general what steps can help us to save some good bucks on our flights to Australia this year.The first thing to do is to avoid the “peak traveling season” i.e., in December, January, July or April. As these are the top traveling seasons, many airlines and accommodations in Australia apply surcharges in these seasons that make flights more expensive than usual. The reason for these surcharges is that there is more number of travelers than available flights, hence to cater the needs, as more the demand goes up, the more the price raises! So just travel in any other month like October, September, May, etc to save your money.

The second solution, just in case if you are helpless and can not travel except national or school Holidays, is to try booking your cheap tickets to Australia in Advance simply “the sooner the better”. But how soon, well of course before the demand goes up and that happens three months before the peak season comes. So book at least 4 – 5 months earlier than your flying dates and get yout tickets done at a cheaper price!The third simple way is to find you a good travel agency. The point is some “good” agencies (it’s not necessary that famous agencies are good), have really cheap flights to offer as they buy these seats in bulk and get some discounts from the Airlines. Some percentage of that discount, they will offer you in shape of a cheaper ticket and the rest goes to their pockets ….don’t forget there is nothing as free lunch in this world. SO its more like you help them and they help you. In some cases, agencies have permanent contracts that means you can bargain, ask for discounts or enjoy promotional fares too. So all you have to do to find such an agency is to search …. Search and search.Another way is to book “connecting” flights to Australia. That can be really very cheap some times and it is not necessary that “indirect” or “connecting” flight means you will be required to wait for ages before boarding your next plane. For example, there are flights from far east, Hong Kong OR Singapore that fly every second hour to Australia …and you can take advantage of them by booking a ticket from London to Hong Kong / Far East and than Hong Kong / Far East to Australia both of which will be way more cheaper than getting straight to Australia …

The last way to get your cheap tickets (in case if you are going for Holidays) is to get a “Package Reservation” for your family. Package reservation means you will be buying accommodation plus flights under one roof. Thus the more you shop the more you get discounted. You can do the same by introducing your friends and getting discounts on referring people or simple by keeping one travel agency or company as it earns you more points each time you travel. So automatically you earn enough miles. Sometimes a consultant may call you first when ever there will be a “new promotional” rate offered for a short span by airlines like Virgin, British Airways and Qantas. Where special deals are concerned, even business and premium class reservation for these airlines can be bought at really cheap prices in comparison to direct selling points, if you are booking them with an agency, which recognizes you! One bigger benefit is that, you may get a chance to bargain your rates down with traveling agencies. It may also help you in comparing rates and getting what you are looking for by paying what you are dreaming off.