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Millennium Hotels rolls out new My Millennium loyalty scheme

Millennium Hotels rolls out new My Millennium loyalty scheme

Millennium Hotels & Resorts has announced the launch of its new My Millennium guest reward programme.

Within the new programme, Millennium Hotels & Resorts have prioritised simplicity, inclusivity, value, immediacy and access for guests.

The new system will offer single tier membership and include new member privileges that enable guests to redeem over a hundred rewards, from room upgrades and hotel nights, to shopping experiences with leading likeminded brands worldwide, such as Spotify, Uber, and Apple.

Millennium Hotels & Resorts has created an enhanced programme with simpler ways to reward loyal guests and encourage them to make the most of Millennium hotels across the globe.

The key features of the new My Millennium Guest Reward Programme will include a member exclusive rate, better than through any other available channels, and My Points, immediately redeemable at point of booking.


“These touches will enhance members’ journeys not just within the hotel stay, but throughout their interaction with us.

“This will allow us to nurture and grow rewarding long-term relationships with our members.

“While change is exciting, our commitment to our members remains constant.

“We will always deliver the exceptional experiences and help to turn rewards into precious memories,” explained Franck Kermarrec, Millennium Hotels & Resorts, chief marketing officer.

The news comes as both Accor and Marriott revamp their loyalty schemes.

“The new My Millennium guest reward programme aims to satisfy our members’ evolving travel needs and enhance their journey by introducing a simplified, single tier loyalty programme with more lifestyle rewards, in line with our aim to provide guests with new experiences at every opportunity.

“As part of this loyalty programme, we have designed the rewards to personalise and maximise members’ travel experiences allowing them to choose benefits that are important to them,” added Kermarrec.