Breaking Travel News 20 percent increase in British babies taking to the skies 20 percent increase in British babies taking to the skies

Normally it is the royals who are setting the current trends but it seems, when it comes to Prince George’s inaugural long-haul Australian flight, he is following the ‘flightsteps’ of his subjects as more and more British babies take to the skies.

Booking data from reveals that in the last six months there has been a 20 per cent year on year increase in infant (under the age of two) flight bookings. The data also reveals that an increasing number of babies are paving the way for Prince George’s long-haul flight ‘down under’, with an incredible 90 per cent year on year growth in infant flight bookings to Australia.

Other flight destinations experiencing an increase in baby travel in the last six months include Portugal (28 per cent growth), Spain (22 per cent growth), the United Arab Emirates (20 per cent growth) and the USA (8 per cent growth).

Mark Maddock, Managing Director of UK and Ireland says, “It is clear that increasing numbers of parents are feeling confident about travelling with new babies and airlines are responding with services to match this demand. Some airlines will even warm baby milk for you and provide in-flight cots. Provision for babies does however vary from airline to airline so ensure you check what specific services they provide before travelling.” 

Some last minute things to remember when flying with a baby:
·      The provision of baby meals, in-flight cots and policies regarding pushchairs and car seats will vary from airline to airline, so ensure you check this before travel. Meals may also have to be ordered in advance


·      Most airlines will carry some form of tinned baby food for long-haul flights but it is advisable to bring the brand your child prefers. Bring sterilised bottles and any other equipment you may need in your hand luggage. Some airlines offer a service to warm your baby’s milk

·      Check individual airline policies around bringing baby milk on the flight. Baby milk is not subject to the same 100ml fluid restrictions, but you may be asked to taste 50% of what you bring onto the plane. You may also be required to carry milk in specific containers. Ensure you also check the policy of the airport you are arriving at as levels of security differ around the world

·      It is important your baby stays hydrated during long-haul flights and most airlines will allow you to take a ‘reasonable’ amount of fluid with you for the duration of your journey

·      Most baby seats and in-flight cots available on airlines need to be booked in advance of travel. There are often a limited number available and will be provided on a first come, first served basis