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Korean Fashion Show 2012 brings Seychelles and Korea’s culture closer

Korean Fashion Show 2012 brings Seychelles and Korea’s culture closer

For the second time, Seychelles had the unique opportunity of linking with the culture of Korea through the Korean Traditional Fashion Show 2012 that was organized as a special event of the recent celebration of the 27th edition of the Creole Festival.

Bridging cultures between Seychelles and Korea, the Korean Traditional Fashion Show was held on October 31 at the Constance Ephelia Resort. Initiated by the Seychelles Honorary Consul in South Korea, Dong Chang Jeong, the event is organized as a cultural exchange between the two countries in the effort of promoting their strong cooperation. Its first edition was held in 2010.

He organized this year’s event in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Seychelles Tourism Board, the Korea Foundation, Inocean M&C, and Creole Travel Services.

Transporting guests back to the time of the Joseon Dynasty of Korea where “clothing” was a clear-cut representation of hierarchy and social positions, the event took off with a Korean traditional dance performance, followed by the highlight of the event that was the spectacular display of the Hanbok – the Korean traditional costume.

Taking precedence was the display of the Royal Hanbok which featured the Court Costume that the Kings and Queens wore for special ceremonies, after which came the ordinary Hanbok and Gisaeng Bok – the showy dress of “Gisaeng” (Korean Geisha) of that time.


This fashion show, which is a window into the Korean culture that goes back to some 4,300 years in history, is the work of the world-renowned designer Kim Hye Soon who has hosted her show in major cities such New York, Chicago, Beijing, Paris, and Moscow.

Miss Seychelles…another world 2012, Sherlyn Furneau, alongside other Seychellois models, as well as models from Korea, partook in showcasing the collection of vibrant colors.

Speaking about the event, Mr. Dong Chang Jeong said that the Korean Traditional Fashion Show is idyllic in showing how the traditional costumes of Korea beautifully harmonizes with the genuine beauties of Seychelles.

“Through this event, I hope to contribute to the good relations between the two countries by enhancing the existing bond and friendship between them,” exclaimed Mr. Jeong.

To perfectly end the evening and to tie in with the Creole Festival 2012, guests enjoyed a sumptuous Creole buffet at the Ephelia Resort.