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Seoul’s HiKR Ground Opens for Global Tourists

The new playground for travellers to Seoul, HiKR Ground, an eXtended Reality Korea promotional hall, has opened its doors.

HiKR Ground was named by combining “Hi” and “Korea” with the concept of a playground (”Ground”). It is a promotional hall that takes a new approach by integrating Extended Reality (XR). The attraction provides a space for everyone to freely roam and enjoy everything HiKR Ground has to offer. The space is filled with technology aimed for the younger generation with smart technology applied to diverse Korea content, including the areas of hallyu, arts and more.

On the first floor is “HiKR Wall,” an extra-large media wall at 31 meters by 5 meters, showing a vivid video of tourist attractions, K-pop, K-drama and more. Media Artist Leenam Lee’s “Landscape of the New City” that features the five tourist hub cities, Mokpo, Busan, Jeonju, Andong, and Gangneung, is also on display.

On the second floor, hallyu fans can experience “K-pop Ground.” Using XR technology from Korea’s only XR Studio “My Stage,” visitors can make their own personal music videos from over 100 different backgrounds, expected to be very popular among tourists.


On the third floor, “HiKR Art Museum” has a special exhibition “K-Art,” where representative Korea content are reinterpreted by Korea’s representative artists. First artist, Osang Gwon exhibited hallyu and festival-based artworks along with a special piece on the five representative festivals in Korea. “Dramatic Trip” section provides filming locations from hallyu media contents such as K-drama and Netflix originals.

Fourth floor is a multi-experience zone “HiKR Cave” and “Festival Experience Hall,” where visitors can experience various themed attractions using all five senses.

On the fifth floor, “HiKR Lounge” offers tourist information services in four different languages (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese), and “HiKR Challenge” where visitors can do a travel mission using a roulette. There’s also a terrace overlooking the Cheonggyecheon Stream, providing a perfect space for a photo shoot or just hang out.

During July 22-28, special opening events and performances are prepared for visitors to enjoy.