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Joussen takes over as sole chief executive of TUI Group

Joussen takes over as sole chief executive of TUI Group

Fritz Joussen has taken over as sole chief executive of TUI Group following the company’s annual general meeting in Hanover, Germany.

Upon the close of the meeting, the term of office of Peter Long as join chief expired.

Long was elected as new member of the supervisory board of TUI AG.

Until December 2014, Peter Long was chief of TUI Travel PLC, TUI’s tourism subsidiary created through the merger between First Choice and TUI AG’s tourism division in 2007.

Following the merger between the British subsidiary and the German parent company, he then became one of the two Joint chiefs of the newly formed TUI Group alongside Fritz Joussen in December 2014.


When the merger was completed at the end of 2014, it was decided that Fritz Joussen was to become sole chief executive after the end of a transitional year of joint management by two co-chief executives, and that Long was going to step down from his role on the executive board.

TUI employs 76,000 people in more than 100 countries.

Apart from tour operators, 300 Group-owned hotels and clubs and six European airlines, TUI has three cruise lines currently operating 13 cruise ships.

TUI has a European structure.

It is domiciled in Germany (Berlin/Hanover), its shares are listed in the London Stock Exchange (FTSE 100) and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Open Market).