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Israel offers financial incentive for airlines flying to Eilat

Israel offers financial incentive for airlines flying to Eilat

In its support of increasing tourism to its only Red Sea city, the Israel Ministry of Tourism has announced a new directive designed to assist airlines interested in launching new routes to Eilat’s Ovda Airport.

The directive will be applied from October 15th this year until March 29th, 2018, as part of a scheme worth up to €45 per passenger travelling to Ovda Airport. 

Amir Halevi, director general of the IMOT said: “Eilat’s economy relies heavily on tourism.


“Therefore, the ministry is interested in promoting direct flights from other countries to Eilat, in order to increase the number of foreign tourists arriving to the city.”

Eilat enjoys warm temperatures all-year-round and low humidity, as well as lovely beaches and beautiful natural landscapes thanks to its Red Sea locale.

Situated on a sole land bridge between Asia and Africa, Eilat is the southernmost point of Israel.

A beautiful coral reef runs along the Red Sea’s shores and serene granite mountains form the impressive backdrop of the city.

Airlines eligible for the passenger rebate will need to operate a series of 16 rotations up to 50 rotations from each destination.

To take advantage of this opportunity, operators will need to submit the proposal submission form by July 2017.