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ICCA talked the economic impact of the conference sector in Italy

ICCA talked the economic impact of the conference sector in Italy

Francesca Manzani, Board Member of the International Congress & Convention Association ICCA, the main congress association at international lever representing the entire sector from PCO’s to convention centers, convention bureaux and airlines, welcomed in Italy the President of ICCA, Arnaldo Nardone from Uruguay and her ICCA Board Member colleagues coming from Denmark, South Africa, spain and the Netherlands. The reason of the visit was the annual meeting of the ICCA Board restricted to financial matters of the association. ICCA is back to Italy after the great 2009 ICCA Congress held in Florence, whose success brought to the election of Francesca to the Board of the Association.

The occasion was propitious to Francesca Manzani, Head of the Florence Office of AIM Group International to realize a Round Table event with topic “International Conferences: extraordinary opportunities for development for the whole country” which was attended by authorities and politicians as well as business operators and organized in collaboration with the ICCA Italian Committee and the host city, the MiCo of Milan. Results went beyond any expectations. At the end of August as many as 120 congress operators attended the event to discuss the economic value and impact of the congress sector; why politicians should pay more attention to bidding for scientific conferences; the competitiveness of Italy in the segment; the future of medical meetings and the changes occurred in recent years.

The exchange of experiences and opinions with the international panel raised important issues for politicians, whose support is essential for the survival and development of the sector.

“Problems are common to many nations. Italy should stop thinking that difficulties exist only here in your country and should open up and look across the border.” suggested the President of ICCA “You may be surprised to discover that perhaps other ICCA members in other countries have already found the solution to your same problem. It may be much easier to imitate positive experiences. This is the added value of our association” continues Arnaldo Nardone.
“The event was useful to raise in national institutions the awareness on the economic impact that the congress sector might have and to give courage to the shareholders.” affirms Francesca Manzani. “In Italy, we do have facilities, infrastructures and professionals to aim at a great success on the international market. Teamwork, political support and long-term visions are the elements to make the difference. ICCA is and will be at our side to help us in such a qualitative leap: It’s up to us deciding how to treasure it.”