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Istanbul strengthens its position in Top 10 of ICCA Rankings

Istanbul strengthens its position in Top 10 of ICCA Rankings

Istanbul has been ranked 8th in the top 10 of ICCA Rankings, according to 2013 data. ICCA, the International Congress and Convention Association, announced 2013 Rankings for cities and countries. Istanbul uplifted its position within the Top 10 rankings.

According to the data released by ICCA, Turkey has been ranked 8th with 146 congresses in 2013. This result points to a 14% rise in comparison to 2012 in which 128 events had been held. If congresses with more than 300 to 500 guests are taken into account, Istanbul ranked 1st, leaving capitals like Paris, Berlin and London behind.

Istanbul hosted 80 important congresses in 2013 with more than 300 guests, while Paris hosted 73, Singapore 70, Berlin 64 and London 63. Moreover, Istanbul hosted 49 events with more than 500 delegates. Meanwhile Singapore hosted 44, Paris 41 and Berlin 37 in 2013.

ICCA CEO Martin Sirk commented: “Once more our members and researchers have identified that the international association sector has been growing strongly over the last year, as has been the case throughout the last few years of global economic uncertainty. Why is this so?”

“Firstly, almost all international associations have a statutory duty to meet on a regular basis, and their annual or biannual main congresses have become increasingly “mission critical” for their communities of members and stakeholders.”


“Secondly, economic strength in certain regions of the world is stimulating growth in regionally rotating association meetings, particularly in Asia and Latin America, but we now also see this trend starting to emerge in regions such as Africa and the Middle East.”

“And thirdly, association congresses are to a large extent driven by scientific, healthcare and technological advances, and we are continuing to live in an era where the accelerated expansion of discovery and innovation is at an unprecedented level, creating entirely new associations and events to share insight into and develop new business from this new knowledge.”