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Grandhotel Lienz introduces ground-breaking new wellness programmes

Grandhotel Lienz introduces ground-breaking new wellness programmes

In the heart of the beautiful Austrian Alps, the recently-opened Grandhotel Lienz is presenting a new concept in health and wellness centres in hotels - SymbioMed, incorporating the symbiosis of different medical branches.

By complimenting conventional medicine with the latest medical advances, the Centre is gaining recognition around the world as vacationers flock here for both basic and extended physical checkups at rates generally far below those in the US.

Travellers may also seek diagnosis, recuperation, sports examinations, weight loss programs, heart checkups, nutrition programs, homeopathy and traditional Chinese medicine, all at reasonable rates. Further programmes for stopping smoking, skin care, and anti-aging are available.  In addition to services at the medical centre, guests at the Grandhotel Lienz enjoy a luxury suite overlooking the River Isel and the mountains, extraordinary facilities, including a spa where natural treatments are highlighted, and the many nearby activities.

The Medical Centre, occupying over 2690 sq. ft. is lead by Professor Dr. Peter Lechleitner, internationally known for internal medicine and cardiology.  He is the leader of the department for internal medicine at the hospital of Lienz and was part of the coordination team for the world’s most successful heart attack study. He has also studied sports medicine and traditional Chinese Medicine incl. acupuncture.

For MRI, CT or Endoscopy there is collaboration with the hospital of Lienz, five minutes away that are made with state-of-the-art machines. Nor is there a need to stay overnight at the hospital so the patients return to the hotel. Every guest receives a doctor’s letter with all results and recommendations to ensure a smooth and speedy communication with a primary physician back home.


Prices depend upon the treatment. i.e. a basic checkup is $842 (580 Euro) and an extended check-up is $1,423 (980 Euro).  Individual diagnosis ranges from $65 (45 Euro) for a Bio-Impedance Measurement to $275 (190 Euro) for a scan. Rates at the Grandhotel Lienz start at $177 EP and packages are available. 

For more information visit or call + 011 43(0) 485 264 07.