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Global Adventure Travel to Quadruple Growth by 2032

Adventure tourism, Future Market Insights said, is gaining traction due to, among other reasons, increasing inclination towards exploring newer places and affordable flights both domestically and internationally.

Another key driver of the adventure tourism market is the increasing demand for an authentic and individualized travel experience. Travel advisors can take advantage of the growing number of travelers who are interested in the segment, as well as their desire for customized experiences.

Adventure tourism according to the report, covers everything from scuba diving, rafting, trekking, cycling and caving to anything else immersed in the natural environment as well as cultural immersion. Due to its adaptability, ability to support economies and promotion of sustainable practices, adventure tourism is becoming more popular than traditional mass tourism across the globe, Future Market Insights said.

From 2017 to 2021, the industry experienced noteworthy growth, registering a value CAGR of 10 percent and closing at $290 billion. The COVID-19 pandemic, however, affected the market for adventure tourism as it did for most forms of tourism. Thus, post-pandemic, adventure tourism companies are offering special and customized trips to different parts of the globe as countries have begun reopening to international visitors. Moreover, aggressive advertising by travel and tourism companies along with companies investing in websites to make booking user-friendly is propelling the revenue of adventure tourism, as are, simply, the increased number of travelers in recent years.


Of the adventure tourism categories, “soft adventure” is the more pursued, according to the report. Soft adventure activities—which include many of the above listed excursions—have a low risk level and, thus, have become popular among adventure enthusiasts and “grazers.” For this same reason, it also caters well to older travelers still seeking adventures. Overall, the category makes up 60 percent of the entire adventure tourism market currently.