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G Adventures set to return to Egypt

G Adventures set to return to Egypt

From January 1st G Adventures will be operating its full programme of trips in Egypt, with slightly altered itineraries that use flights instead of trains while overnight trains are temporarily out of service.

Traveller safety is paramount to the leading small group adventure tour operator, and G Adventures is confident its trips will run unaffected, ensuring travellers they will get the most of this historical and culturally-rich destination.

John Warner, managing director, G Adventures, explained the company understands the importance of ensuring travellers get the most out of their experience.

“We have an operational office in Cairo and team members on the ground who are monitoring the situation daily.

“We’re excited to be able to give our travellers the opportunity to travel safely and our operational crew and chief experience officers the opportunity to get back to work, showing people the country they are passionate about.

“We know G Adventures travellers are curious and adventurous, and there is no better time to see the wonders of Egypt with less crowds, and to give back to its communities, many of which rely heavily on tourism as a means of local income,” added Warner.

Some tweaks have been made to transport, as overnight trains are currently not running in Egypt.

G Adventures will be providing alternative, upgraded transportation in the form of a flight on these itineraries, at no extra charge to travellers, unlike many other operators.

This will remain the case until overnight trains are once again fully operational.