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France hands valuable historical documents over to Seychelles

France hands valuable historical documents over to Seychelles

The Seychelles historical exhibition, Les Seychelles: des isles… des homes, has been officially handed over to the Seychelles Archives department.

The exhibition, put together by the French author, Richard Touboul, after extensive research works in the French Archives, is now part of the historical documents of the Seychelles National Archives.

The official handing over of the exhibition’s official documents was made by the French Ambassador to the Seychelles, Mr. Phillipe Delacroix to the Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture Mr. Alain St.Ange.

In his speech at the handing-over ceremony at the French Embassy, Ambassador Delacroix paid tribute to Richard Touboul by saying “I believe that Les Seychelles: des Isles… des hommes will remain a permanent exhibition in the national archives. Through his research, Richard Touboul has captivated to bring to life the Seychelles history prior and during the period that the Seychelles was part of France. It is important to be able to reflect on the future of Seychelles through its history and through its people. It is important that the young Seychellois generations are thought about their roots and their culture. Richard Touboul’s exhibition is a true model of the mutual cooperation that exists between the Seychelles and France and also La Reunion Island. I am grateful for all his effort.”

Accepting the exhibition official documents, Minister Alain St.Ange thanked France for making this historical donation to Seychelles. The Minister also thanked Richard Touboul for dedicating so much time and effort to this historical research, which has increased the historical assets Seychelles now holds in its treasure trove.


“It is important for a nation to know its past, its history, to appreciate its way forward. Richard Touboul’s work has brought to Seychelles, documents that brings to life one of the important segments of the Seychelles history. His work should be highly praised.”

Minister St.Ange said that Richard Touboul has done this work free of charge and that the only contribution made by the Seychelles government has been his airline ticket. “He will be flying back again soon to assist in lecturing at the Tourism Academy and at the Polytechnics,” Minister St.Ange said.

The handing-over ceremony was attended by the Principal Secretary of Culture Ms. Benjamine Rose, the Advisor to the Minister Mrs. Raymonde Onezime, high government officials from the archives department, and that of the French Embassy and of the Alliance Francaise.