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Forbes Travel Guide unveils plans for Covid-19 recovery seminar

Forbes Travel Guide unveils plans for Covid-19 recovery seminar

Forbes Travel Guide has launched a disaster recovery management seminar. 

The exclusive one-day program provides a unique learning opportunity for hoteliers worldwide to test business strategies without risk ahead of post-quarantine operations. 

The course runs on selected dates from June 18th-30th and is ideal for those in senior leadership positions within hospitality. 

The seminar is the brainchild of legendary hotelier Ali Kasikci and Cornell University School of Hotel Administration professor emeritus Cathy Enz, who had the foresight to create the program with the aim of better preparing hospitality staff for successful hotel recovery after any crisis.

Enz and Kasikci have unrivalled expertise and lead the immersive one-day course with a combination of lectures, simulation play, feedback, discussion, and Q&A. 

The seminar uses a model hotel in New York City, based on real, composite STR data so that participants can practice real-time decision-making.

Participants face many hands-on decisions across numerous hotel business components, including room rates, food & beverage pricing, sales, marketing tactics, employee staffing, pay levels, and training and supplier cost choices.


They can immediately see the cause and effect of each decision they make and receive professional guidance from Enz and Kasikci.

Filip Boyen, chief executive of Forbes Travel Guide, said: “Quarantine has been an opportunity to understand the needs of the luxury hotels that we work with and recognize all the complex issues they face. 

“We have listened and provided a seminar that we know will be incredibly beneficial as hoteliers prepare to resume business.”

The seminar is conducted on Zoom and includes an instructional guide, presentations, and Cornell research, following completion.

For more information, please visit the official website.