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First online flight decision-making tool introduced

First online flight decision-making tool introduced

Pinning is the new planning in travel, allowing consumers to be the shopaholics and searchaholics that they are. Pintrips’ public beta, launched today, is the free application consumers need when going through the search process for a flight. According to Compete, Inc., the average traveler visits about 22 travel-related sites during 9.5 research sessions prior to booking. Pintrips’ power starts during trip planning, with travelers searching for flights and “pinning” flights they like from the multiple travel sites they trust. 

Those pinned flights from OTAs, meta searches and airline sites instantly show up side by side in a shareable Pintrips dashboard that performs live pricing and availability updates.  For obsessive searchers and deal hounds, flights pinned will always reflect the current market price, eliminating the frustrations of trying to find exact flights again, only to discover a price increase, a sold-out flight, or a broken link when trying to coordinate with other travelers or the boss.

Pintrips eliminates risk, uncertainty and fatigue by giving the consumer control and power to compare flights for any trip - over time in a dashboard that the traveler can share and seek feedback on.  Instant sharing and interaction with live chat in the dashboard provide an even stronger platform to coordinate travel seamlessly.  For the first time, travelers who pin will be ‘in the know’ and will have more free time on their hands by using Pintrips.

“People are addicted to shopping around online to find the best price and flight schedule,” said Stephen Gotlieb, Pintrips CEO. “We make sure no one gets just a partial picture. Pintrips empowers you to take control of your trip planning and make better decisions by doing the tedious work for you. Search where you want, save what you like, get instant price updates and coordinate with others.”

Pintrips is currently available as a Chrome browser plug-in, with new browser plug-ins including Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer and mobile functions added in the first half of 2013.  Stay tuned for additional features that will make flight choices easier, including new pinnable sites.