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FIFA World Cup 2014: FIFA teams ready to greet fans across Brazil

FIFA World Cup 2014: FIFA teams ready to greet fans across Brazil

Operational planning in stadiums has been finalised in order to ensure that fans attending matches have the best possible onsite experience at the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil.

One key element of this is ensuring that the food and beverage programme at all 12 stadiums is befitting of a top sporting event such as the FIFA World Cup.

In February, FIFA and its food and beverage providers, Aramark and CSM, kicked off an open recruitment campaign, looking to hire a 12,000-strong workforce to carry out a variety of roles, including supervisors, coordinators, vendors and cashiers.

Interest in taking part was huge with a total of 165,862 initial applications.

Where possible, Aramark and CSMare aiming for those jobs to become permanent via legacy contracts in the new venues and workers will receive online work certificates to attest their labour experience and be used in future job applications.

The workforce will also be entertained through competitions and giveaways throughout the event.

“We’re delighted to welcome the 12,000 members of the food and beverage workforce to the FIFA World Cup team” said FIFA’s marketing director, Thierry Weil.

“The workers at the food and beverage concession will play a key role in delivering a smooth and enjoyable experience to fans visiting FIFA World Cup stadia during the event.”

In addition to the completion of the workforce, FIFA has also finalised the food and drink selection which will be on offer to fans at each of the stadiums.

The menu provides an international offering, complimented by local specialities in order to appeal to both international and local fans.

“We have been working hard with our food and beverage providers following the FIFA Confederations Cup to ensure that we provide a great service to fans during the event.

“We believe we have a strong and varied offering for fans in the stadium, with prices very much in line with those from other recent top sporting and entertainment events in Brazil,” added Mr Weil.

Food and beverages will be available to fans in a number of different locations in and around the stadium including concession stands, hawkers and areas within the fanzones where fans can sample regional foods and visit the barbecue area.

You can see the full selection of food on the official website of the World Cup.