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EPAM Systems reaffirms deal

EPAM Systems reaffirms deal

EPAM Systems has reaffirmed its status as a’s strategic delivery partner.

Working alongside the hotel booking portal, EPAM is one of the few selected partners that provides engineering services for the brand.
Since 2007, EPAM has been working with on an expanding set of initiatives ranging from online customer experience optimisation and localisation, to mobile and location-based services.

The combination of EPAM’s travel industry expertise, tailored agile approach, and the geographical proximity of EPAM’s Hungary delivery centre has led to a partnership that has evolved over time to support a portfolio of points of sale around the world.

The combined efforts of the and EPAM teams has resulted in significant gains in the quality of the customer experience, increased online revenue and an overall improvement in the stability and performance of the technology platform.

“We constantly track metrics on our multiple vendors and EPAM consistently achieves high scores in assessment of the teams’ average experience, seniority, level of English language skills, low staff turnover and in their ability to scale as we need to add resources to meet our growing demands and to adapt to our changing needs of technology skills.

“Overall the flexibility, agility, domain and soft skills are a significant differentiator that allows us to continue to build out our strong product offering and grow the overall business,” said Scott Booker president, Worldwide.