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England’s World Cup patriotism drives World Cup fever

England’s World Cup patriotism drives World Cup fever

·      14% would go as far as wearing an England shirt to work throughout the World Cup, boycotting the products of England’s opponents or even having the three lions emblem tattooed on their body
·      Over 1 in 10 are planning World Cup parties at home
·      34% would give up driving a German car if England draw them in the second round
·      35% see Brazil as the biggest threat to England in the World Cup

As World Cup fever begins, Budget car and van hire research reveals that England fans across the country are getting into the spirit by planning some traditional – and some more extreme - ways to show their patriotism, according to a new study out today.

The research, which polled 3,000 adults across the nation, reveals that over a third (36%) will be following age-old World Cup traditions by hanging a St George’s flag from their house or placing an England sticker on their motor. Similarly, World Cup parties are proving to be all the rage this year, as 13% admit to having already made plans to host a football-themed bash at home with friends and family.

More surprisingly however, the study found that the more hard-core fans will be going to the extreme lengths of wearing an England shirt to work throughout the entire tournament (8%), boycotting the products of England’s opponents (4%) or even having the three lions tattooed on their body (2%).

While there may be World Cup parties taking place up and down the country, more serious acts of patriotism will see 1 in 3 (34%) fans leaving their German-made cars in the garage to gather dust if England comes head to head with them in round two. Following closely behind is France, with 1 in 5 (20%) willing to stop driving their French-made cars as a way of backing Rio and the boys should England come up against their Gallic cousins.


When it comes to our opponents, the nation has admitted that Brazil is the biggest threat to England’s chances of World Cup glory, with 35% naming the Samba Boys as the team they fear most. Other teams England needs to watch out for are our European neighbours Spain (17%) and Germany (13%), which came in second and third place respectively for having a chance of winning the Cup this summer.

If the worst happens and England does get kicked out of the World Cup early, fans have already begun eyeing up a second team as their favourite to win. Brazil (18%), Spain (15%) and Italy (13%) will have the support of fans nationwide should we fail to bring the trophy back to Wembley.

Stuart Liddle, Head of Budget UK, said of the findings, “Budget is committed to developing a greater understanding of UK drivers and this research is just the latest step in our exploration of the relationship between motorists and their vehicles. While we are never amazed by our customers’ unfailing support of English sport, we were slightly surprised that some peoples’ patriotism filters down to the cars they drive. As a nation of car lovers, this is a measure of how hungry we are for sporting success that some would be willing to leave their car in the garage as a means of supporting England.”