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Budget Car Rental finds Brits wish they had more freedom

Budget Car Rental finds Brits wish they had more freedom

Over half of Brits (51 percent) wish they had more freedom to be spontaneous, according to new research released today from Budget Car Rental.

Almost half (42 percent) of those questioned said they stick to what they know. The study of 1,000 British adults was conducted by car rental company Budget to launch its Budget & Go campaign, which encourages people to see and do more.

The research revealed that many of us have become set in our ways, with only 24 per cent claiming to live life spontaneously.  This fear of leaving our comfort zone even extends to our travel habits.  Many have gone as far as to become stuck on repeat with their holiday choices, with almost one in three Europeans returning to the same holiday destination each year.

Nearly a third of those surveyed (32 percent) have already planned their holidays for the year – there by closing the door to new opportunities and the possibility of a last-minute adventure.

Commenting on the findings, behaviour expert, Jez Rose said: “Humans are creatures of habit, however, very quickly we can find that we feel stuck in the same daily routine, occupied with mundane activities such as grocery shopping or cleaning the house. Meanwhile there is a whole world waiting to be explored and the change in routine is often the very thing we need to inspire us, motivate us or simply do something different.”


“As a nation we need to re-think our leisure time and try something new once in a while: it is only through doing something differently that we can expect different results. New and varying experiences help make us more confident, balanced and interesting. But they also put us very firmly in charge of our own destiny – and it’s only by trying something new that we can decide if we like it or not.” 

Mark Servodidio, Managing Director for Budget UK, said: “We want our Budget & Go campaign to help people understand that in an overly complicated and stressful world, taking to the road and seeking out new places, spaces and faces can inject a much-needed sense of adventure.  The cost associated with doing things last-minute is often seen as a barrier to being spontaneous but we at Budget think that trying something new shouldn’t cost a fortune – all you need is a desire to do something new and a car to get you there.”

“We’ve just introduced mobile Wi-Fi access to our product range, which can be used anywhere for only £8.50 a day, making those last minute road-trips even easier to plan whilst on the move!”

Budget’s new campaign aims to put enjoyment, fun and adventure back into people’s lives whilst still making it affordable enough to enjoy new experiences. Budget customers can save a further 20 percent on car rental by pre-booking cars online.