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Emirates Airline teams up with Travelport

Emirates Airline teams up with Travelport

Travelport, the business services provider to the global travel industry, today announces Dubai-based Emirates Airline, the Middle East’s largest carrier has deployed Travelport Rapid RepriceTM (patent pending) technology with the rebooking module and Travelport Rapid Reprice SelectTM on, giving the carrier’s online travel buyers all-new ticket repricing capabilities.

Emirates joins other global carriers in implementing the new Rapid Reprice Rebooking Module making it quick and easy for customers to maintain control of their journey when changing travel plans. The rebooking module has a user friendly graphical user interface (GUI) that is integrated with Emirates’ “manage an existing booking” feature on which allows passengers to change or cancel their itinerary 24X7 from any device that has internet connection.

Travelport, in conjunction with Emirates, designed the rebooking module to mimic the same look and feel of the airlines 100+ worldwide websites and support all different languages including but not limited to Arabic, Chinese, Russian and, Japanese, to provide a seamless experience for all global passengers. The rebooking module also includes a self-service administration tool that allows Emirates to create, update and manage their unique business rules at any time.

Travelport Rapid Reprice Select enhances Emirates customer satisfaction and loyalty by allowing travelers to make more informed decisions. When Emirates website customers need to change or cancel itineraries, Rapid Reprice Select eliminates the need to conduct separate shopping requests to find more than one alternate low-fare itinerary. In a single request, a selection of instantly bookable alternates is presented with complete pricing, including accurate fares, taxes, additional collections, refunds, penalties or fees.

Rapid Reprice was the first solution to automate the complex airline itinerary repricing process, and the first tool of its kind to be deployed worldwide by major airlines. Travelport has processed over 200 million Rapid Reprice transactions since 1999, including 35 million in 2011. Rapid Reprice Select was the first combined shopping and repricing tool with the ability to shop, reprice and book international itineraries, and retrieve multiple alternate options in an integrated display – regardless of the currency in which a ticket was originally issued.


“Travelport’s guidance, support and commitment to constant innovation in e-commerce repricing technologies have played a significant role in growing our revenues,” said Bob Kabli, vice president, e-commerce, Emirates. “Emirates is devoted to providing unique customer experiences and Travelport provides solutions that support our strategy, enable us to compete more effectively and raise the bar on customer service and satisfaction.”

“Emirates is taking an important step forward with the launch of Travelport Rapid Reprice and we look forward to helping our partner sustain solid e-commerce growth and performance in the years ahead,” said Derek Sharp, president & managing director, Americas & Travelport Airline IT Solutions. “Emirates is among a growing number of carriers dedicated to enhancing their Web sites by giving customers advanced, shopping and rebooking tools. We are pleased to partner with Emirates and see them implement two game-changing e-commerce re-booking solutions.

The Emirates’ website implementation of Travelport Rapid Reprice technologies expands a longstanding IT services and software-usage relationship through which Travelport has provided Emirates and the Emirates Group’s Mercator-hosted airlines with Travelport’s global fares and pricing, shopping and Travelport Rapid Reprice technologies.