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Elite Island Resorts announces musical collaboration with Caribbean reggae star Causion

Elite Island Resorts announces musical collaboration with Caribbean reggae star Causion

Elite Island Resorts has announced a musical collaboration with Reggae luminary Causion, with an Antiguan themed original song designed to inspire a new generation of travellers to visit the island.  The home-grown star, Antigua’s Reggae Ambassador and highly respected reggae artist, has toured with acts includingThird World, Rita Marley, and Freddie McGregor. The song, titled “Antigua Me Come From”, refers to the phrase commonly spoken by locals on this Leeward island when they proudly proclaim their heritage.

Celebrating the song’s release, Causion shared: “ Personally growing up in Antigua was the greatest experience I can imagine. I grew up on the water in English Harbour, and most of my childhood was on the water, sailing and fishing, and the freedom to do that was phenomenal. Antigua is a place I have loved from the bottom of my heart, and there is no place I would rather be. As a musician and writer, when you go to Antigua the words keep coming, the artistry and creation keep coming because you find that place of peace.”

Causion’s gently lilting, melodic harmonies and uplifting lyrics showcase the best of the island through vivid, captivating imagery. The black of the flag represents the people and their strength and unity, while its blue connotes the sea. Causion urges listeners to forget their troubles, to come take a load off their shoulder and feel the energy when their feet touch the ground. And most seductively, he sings about the island’s 365 beaches, amazing variety of food, and sweet cool breezes. The video, shot entirely on Antigua, brings the words to life with footage of the island’s jagged coastline home to countless coves, the crystal-clear turquoise water (shot from above and below), sugary sandy beaches populated with palm trees, and heritage buildings filled with stories.

“Words can’t explain what it feels like to be here, and how I embrace that. This is a beautiful island to come and spend time, everyone knows almost everyone else, it’s a close-knit environment with a strong sense of community.” Causion’s music is unfailingly upbeat, filled with positivity, embodying the spirit found on Antigua.

His sense of hope is especially remarkable given his recent, ongoing battle with cancer that sees him shuttling between Antigua and Florida on a monthly basis, an illness that has afforded him the chance to see his home in a new light whenever he returns. “I go on hikes to experience the country in a way I didn’t before. It’s an enormous feeling, seeing it from a different perspective for the past two years, and I have found a new love for the country.”


Rob Barrett, Elite Island Resorts’ Chairman, shares similar sentiments. “I wanted to give the people of Antigua and Barbuda something that shares the beauty and spirit of Antigua with the world for years to come. This amazing collaboration between Elite Island Resorts and Causion captures the essence of Antigua and is a project we can all be very proud of.”

Elite Island Resorts has five luxury all-inclusive properties across the island that offer guests a variety of styles and ambience. From the adults-only Hammock Cove Antigua and Pineapple Beach Club, and family oriented The Verandah Resort & Spa, all on the east of the island close to Devil’s Bridge National Park, to Galley Bay Resort & Spa in the west and St. James’s Club & Villas in the south, there is a resort to suit every traveller.

Causion hopes that through the undeniable power of music, his song and will inspire people to visit Antigua, so they can appreciate his passion for the island. “Music has a way of touching us and bringing us closer to where we want to be.” My mission is to introduce you to 365 beaches and 108-square-miles of joy and happiness and create memories that will last forever. And hopefully you will enjoy the music too!”

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