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easyJet appoints new chief commercial officer

easyJet appoints new chief commercial officer

easyJet has appointed Peter Duffy to the role of chief commercial officer, bringing together all the airline’s revenue generation under one person.

The role includes Duffy’s previous areas of responsibility which include marketing, customer strategy and digital activity. 

Carolyn McCall, easyJet chief executive, commented on the changes: “Peter has done a fantastic job over the past six years in establishing easyJet as the leader in digital, data and customer.

“The brand has never been stronger and brand affinity has continued to rise across Europe, helping to ensure that easyJet is Europe’s preferred airline.

“The role that Peter is taking on will mean that all revenue, wherever it comes from, is overseen and driven in one place.

“A key focus for Peter will be on developing our industry-leading revenue management system and new revenue generation.”

Cath Lynn will continue to lead on network, one of easyJet’s key strengths, in an expanded role which includes responsibility for strategy.

Chris Browne joined easyJet earlier this month as chief operating officer and is responsible for all of the airline’s operations.