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Detroit Shines in 2023 as a Premier LGBTQ+ Inclusive Destination

Detroit Shines in 2023 as a Premier LGBTQ+ Inclusive Destination

For an impressive eighth consecutive year, Detroit has received a perfect score on the 2023 Municipal Equality Index (MEI) evaluated by the Human Rights Campaign. This esteemed recognition comes from an annual assessment of the inclusivity laws and policies for the LGBTQ+ community within Detroit, alongside 506 other cities.

This year’s achievement, however, does mark a first for Detroit’s score, as it is the first time the city has achieved a perfect 100 based solely on the MEI base point system. In contrast to previous years, the city received added “Flex” points to recognize the additional practices and policies supporting LGBTQ+ individuals. This year, Detroit earned 19 “Flex” points, specifically for offering services that cater to LGBTQ+ Youth and having openly LGBTQ+ appointed members in city government positions. It is noteworthy that Detroit reached a maximum score of 100 even without the “Flex” points in its total.

Mayor Mike Duggan expresses his pride, stating, “Being a welcoming city that protects and supports its LGBTQ+ community is something we work at every day, and we are very proud to have achieved this perfect score from the Human Rights Campaign. Detroit is a city where everyone is welcome and valued, and this year’s scorecard reflects that.”

In addition to its recognition by the Human Rights Campaign, Detroit continues to position itself as a welcoming destination for LGBTQ+ travelers. The city thrives as a destination committed to fairness, inclusivity, and equality for all residents and visitors.

“Visit Detroit proudly embraces the diversity that defines the 138 communities within Southeast Michigan,” said Claude Molinari, President and CEO of Visit Detroit. “Receiving a perfect score from the Human Rights Campaign is a fantastic recognition of the work our city does every day to support the LGBTQ+ community. Detroit is a city that moves and inspires people through our music, art, and culture while welcoming everyone to come as their true selves.”


Since 2011, the largest pride celebration in Michigan, Motor City Pride, has taken place in downtown Detroit. Attracting 40, 0000 people each year, this event celebrates southeastern Michigan’s LGBTQ+ community with a parade, street festival and entertainment for a fun-filled two-day event.

Recognizing the LGBTQ community in Detroit is not just a two-day event, however. Detroit has a strong LGBTQ- friendly scene year-round, with many restaurants, bars, nightlife, neighborhoods, and a rich history and culture. Explore Visit Detroit’s LGBTQ Neighborhood guide, highlighting unique spaces that are either LGBTQ+ owned, offer specific resources, or host events worth checking out.

For more information on Detroit’s inclusive initiatives and attractions, head to Visit Detroit and