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Cyprus to cover medical bills if travellers fall sick

Cyprus to cover medical bills if travellers fall sick

Tourism officials in Cyprus have said they will cover the costs of any traveller who becomes sick with Covid-19 while on holiday there.

The move comes as the country prepares to reopen its tourism sector next month in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

In a letter made public on Wednesday, the government said it would pay for accommodation, medicine and food for patients and their families.

Tourists themselves “will only need to bear the cost of their airport transfer and repatriation flight,” authorities added.


According to Johns Hopkins University data, the country has confirmed 939 Covid-19 infections and 17 deaths.

Tourism accounted for about 15 per cent of the Cypriot GDP last year.

Officials added a 100-bed hospital would be set aside specifically for tourists who test positive, as well as several so-called “quarantine hotels” for the patients’ families.

Cyprus plans to reopen its airports on June 9th to a number of countries that are seen to be low risk, including Germany, Greece, Israel and Malta.

Deputy tourism minister, Savvas Perdios, confirmed visitors from the UK and Russia - which together account for more than half of all holiday-goers in Cyprus - will likely be allowed to travel to the Mediterranean island in July.

However, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office warned there are currently extremely limited, indirect commercial options available to return to the UK from Cyprus due to the near complete ban on flights.

This is not expected to change before mid-June.

The FCO also currently advises against all but essential travel, while Brits may face quarantine on arrival back in the UK.